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Sound Pollution

Make Some Noise

Welcome to Sound Pollution! Listen in as independent musicians share their inspirations, songwriting processes, and upcoming projects/shows. Sound Pollution is your home for open conversations, awesome music, and maybe even a little advice from trailblazers in the field. 


This Week's Episode

Ep 95 - ATHAK

Welcome back to another fun filled episode of Sound Pollution. This week without an intro. Why, you ask? Because I, Raynelle, forgot to hit record but this week’s guest was such a good sport about it. So, we are going to just jump right into it. This week we have Vincent the creator or ATHAK. We will be discussing how ATHAK came to be, writing with others, the creative process, covers, advice and more then a few laughs. Vincent will also share 3 of ATHAK’s tracks and the storied behind them. Make sure you click on those links below and show this artist some love and affection by purchasing their music. Also, Sound Pollutions store is up, (but still under construction, so be patient) Go buy something from us and help support this podcast which is supporting independent music. We wanna thank Vincent again for such an amazing episode and your sweet patience. Make Some NOISE!





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