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Welcome to Sound Pollution! Listen in as independent musicians share their inspirations, songwriting processes, and upcoming projects/shows. Sound Pollution is your home for open conversations, awesome music, and maybe even a little advice from trailblazers in the field. 

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This Week's Episode

Ep 102 –Serpents Of Pakhangba

Hello listeners and welcome back to another episode of Sound Pollution. We will start off this little description by telling you that your Uncle Brent is under the weather and Raynelle is still healing from an injury. So, please be patient with us as the next few episodes may not be on time as we stagger them out slowly. 2022 has not been holding any punches.

In this episode we got to interview the wonderful Vishal all the way in India. He is going to tell us how he put together the band Serpents Of Pakhangba, and what inspired him to do so. We will also discuss why he gave up being a doctor for music, Rotating band members, songwriting, growing up in a musical family, advice, production, No Binary Records, and of course the stories behind two of Serpents Of Pakhangba’s tracks. Please remember to click on those links below to show this talented artist some affection. Make Some NOISE.

Serpents Of Pakhangba on Contact/Bio (Common link to all digital music platforms like Apple Music and Spotify and media covers)

Merch on Indie Measure




No Binary Records


Vishal  J. Singh



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